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Silver City’s Big Daddy Says, “Come to Kitsap Octoberfest”

Big Daddy pouring some Silver City (photo: Kitsap Sun)


Yesterday, we posted a blurb about the 2010 Kitsap Octoberfest, a festival being held tomorrow at the Kitsap Mall. You can read more about the festival, and the amazing brew that will be on hand, by following this link to our post.

Anyways, the good folks at Silver City Brewery sent along some additional information after we published our post. Silver City is the driving force behind the festival, which they hope to renew on an annual basis.

“Big Daddy” Don Spencer put together a short “Beer Talk with Big Daddy” video that was published on You Tube. The beer video discusses the history of Octoberfest and the beer that made it famous.

We hope that the video is the first in a line of many to come, but we cannot be sure. Silver City is growing each and every day, having recently opened a second location down in Bremerton where they will open a tasting room.


The video is just too good to not post, so please check it out below.



Remember to join us tomorrow at the Kitsap Octoberfest from 11-9 PM. We will be around from 11-1 PM, tasting the greatness!


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