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The Release of Elysian Brewing Co. & New Belgium Brewing Co. Trip VI

Trip VI is ready to roll! Fresh Hop IPA - delicious!

Over the past couple of years, Elysian Brewing Co. of Seattle, WA and New Belgium Brewing Co. of Fort Collins, CO have been teaming up and delivering stellar beers to the public.

Since 2008, these two breweries have brought you Trip I, II, III, IV, V and VI.

A quote from New Belgium’s blog from 2008 states:


While increasing efficiency and encouraging creative experimentation, we will make a bold collaborative step into the future of American craft brewing. This is an artisanal collaboration. Both of our brewing teams will use each other’s brewhouses while remaining independent enterprises. We’ll be brewing small-batch creative and experimental beers in Seattle like the Lips of Faith series while getting closer to our customers in the fertile Pacific Northwest brewing scene. Elysian in turn will brew larger batches in Fort Collins and be able to handle growing distribution needs as their beers become available in new U.S. markets, like New York, which opened July 1st of this year.


I bring to you, a brief description of each “collabeerative Trip” beer.

Trip I–>

Their own version of a Trippel IPA. Of course, this is a Belgian twist on a northwest version of India Pale Ale. We have seen this from people like Flying Dog, Troubadour and La Chouffe, but this is the first northwest version, with significant fruity hops.

Trip II–>

A deep, golden ale generously hopped with Magnum and the seldom-used Citra hop, which produces flavors of grapefruit, peach and passion fruit. Spiced with lemongrass and grains of paradise, Trip 2 is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain for a hop-forward ale and swirling fruit undertones.

Trip III–>

This gem of a beer was/is brewed at Elysian Capitol Hill. A sour brown with just the right amount of sourness, savoryness and sweetness. Elysian and NB blended a dark brew full of specialty malts with a wood-aged pale beer to provide a pleasantly-puckering sourness. Personally, I think this is such a well executed beer and always a must have when its on tap!

Trip IV–>

A juniper rye, an interesting beer with a ton of flavor! A traditional Rye Ale brewed with juniper, bittered with Cascade hops, finished with Cascade and Amarillo. Juniper boughs are added to the mash and juniper berries, orange and lemon peel are pitched in the whirlpool which presents a complex, refreshing taste profile.

Trip V–>

This is a cherry brown ale with cocoa, vanilla and bold cherry flavors. Lucious and bold, this beer has an incredibly natural flavor.

And now for your latest….

Trip VI–>

Notes straight from the bb.com team…A fresh hop IPA. A sweet IPA with grapefruit flavors and a smooth finish. A well-balanced IPA as there is an initial citrus sting, a sharp bitterness that enlightens your taste buds followed by a rolling honey sweetness.

At the release event, we were able to try Trip III, IV, V and VI side by side- what a treat. All of these beers are worth a try, a pint, a growler! The fresh hop came at the right time, during the right season and I look forward to more of it.

What is your favorite Trip? Let us know below in the comments.


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