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Port-O-Pong: Beer Games Wherever You Are

A couple of months ago we received a product that we, as beer drinkers decided to test out. With some close friends, a couple of kegs of Lazy Boy beers and a sunny Seattle day, we headed outdoors to test out the PORTOPONG.

Most people who went to college have heard of the infamous drinking game, beer pong where two teams made up of two people attempt to sink a ping pong ball in the opposing team’s cups. Every time a shot is made, a beer is drank. And just to clarify, beerblotter.com does not promote excessive, irresponsible drinking. But once in awhile its nice to spice it up with a mature beer game or two. (You do not need to fill your cups more than an inch with beer. Its about skill too!)

Beer pong, normally played on a long table, can now be played in water, during tailgating parties, while camping and basically anywhere. This inflatable device allows easy transport and storage. What makes this product so unique? We will let the creators of PORTOPONG tell you themselves:

At PORTOPONG we know you work hard and when you buy an inflatable beer pong table it is to make that weekend party a little better or vacation the one to remember, so when we invented the world’s first inflatable beer pong table we made sure to include not just the best design concepts into our inflatable beer pong table but the best materials and develop a company and brand around our product. We don’t want to just sell you a beer pong table – we want you to come back and be apart of the PORTOPONG world!

Aside from the PORTOPONG, this company sells an array of beer related items that I must say are hilarious. The Boobie Ice Luge Mold, perfect for any bachelor party and there are plenty of items to use this Halloween. I mean, c’mon, a breast shaped ice luge? Who WOULDN’T want that?

That’s all. Check out all the PORTOPONG merchandise at http://www.portopong.com and http://www.portopongx.com.

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