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Its Thanksgiving!!! Time For The Feast…And An Anniversary!

We are thankful for Cantillon and their barrel room.

Ahahhahahaa! A day of gorging. A day of consumption comas – don’t act like it won’t happen to you.

This year, we are celebrating with a wonderful group of friends, amongst a vast cornucopia of grub. A turducken will grace the table – but how will we wash it down?

This week marks Beer Blotter’s 1st Anniversary. That’s right, one year of typing up rantings to project our passion for the nectar. Over the course of the past year, we have done the events, traveled Europe, drank the new stuff and emptied the cellar (don’t worry, we replaced most of it). We had a blast.

Now, its Thanksgiving and to celebrate we will be enjoying a nice hearty keg of Beer Blotter’s 1st Anniversary Ale. For our first season on the web, we brewed an Imperial Cranberry Saison – the perfect of beers for the Thanksgiving celebration. While we wait for the remainder of our brew to finish with a champagne yeast, we will go ahead and sip on a young version (6.5%) for the great holiday.

For today, each of us wanted to take a moment and grace the blog with a Thank You for 2010. We are all thankful for more than beer, but lets humor the great beer gods with a “thank you” to beer in 2010:

Timperial Stout

2010 has been a year of great growth for me within the craft beer community.  The blog…it goes without saying, but it has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people who are doing great things to progress the community.  It had also given me a voice and allowed me to express my passion creatively.  I am thankful for beerblotter.com and it’s amazing members.

Second, there was the trip to the beer promised land.  It was my first ever trip to Europe and it was, honest to god, the best vacation of my life.  Any time that I even think about going away to a new place, my primary goal is to take in the beer culture of that place.  Often though, my company doesn’t allow for such forays.  To go to Belgium, France, Germany, and The Netherlands with my closest friends and fellow beer lovers Jess and DSR… priorities were in line and our lengthy preparations and unyielding ambition produces a trip with zero regrets and 100% joy.  I am thankful for EuroBeerTrip2010.

2010 was also the year that I threw caution to the wind and made a bold/exciting/terrifying shift in careers.  I decided to give up my job in business and follow my dreams.  I began to work for a small craft brewery.  I was trained to brew professionally on a 15 bbl system.  Almost simultaneously, DSR and I invested in a real-deal, 10 gallon all-grain homebrew system.  We are making serious steps toward living the dream, and for that I am most grateful.


So many things to be thankful for these days. To start off with some non-beer related items (although beer is truly what I am thankful for)- my family who is clear on the other side of the country, my friends who are dispersed all over the world, my friends who will be joining in the snow-covered turkey celebration, writing via Beer Blotter and all my experiences. I am a lucky girl.

Furthermore, I am thankful for my palette, my love of various beers, my current location and easy access to the craft brewing industry, to my world travels, all of the beers I have tasted and the people I have met along the way. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Well, Jess made me feel like I need to say all my thanks – but I’m going to stick to the script and talk beer. 2010 was filled with great growth in the beer industry. The Seattle brewery list seemingly grew each week. But, the loss of one in the family, impacted me the most.

This year, I am thankful to the wonderful, tough-willed owners of the Water Street Brewing & Alehouse for sticking together and helping keep Strange Brewfest alive for a 7th year. For many of us, Strange Brewfest 2011 will be a glimpse of our former favorite watering hole; it will bring hope of a new future for the once iconic alehouse that graced Water Street. Thanks, Nina and Mark.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. November 30, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Happy anniversary! The Imperial Cranberry Saison sounds interesting. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as your Thanksgiving and what looks like an incredible year of beer adventures. Keep up the drinking and writing for those of us that only have time to travel vicariously…

  1. November 25, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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