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Twitter Roundup Version 1.0

February 1, 2011 1 comment

What excitement awaits on twitter?

Since Editor Jess is off living in the lap of luxury by means of a massive sea-faring vessel and therefore finds herself unable to pen the much heralded Events column, I figured I’d bring you my version of the events.

Many of our local readers may very well be savvy in the 140 character world of Twitter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they both follow all of the tweeters that I do and actually keep up with what they are saying on a daily basis.  Admittedly, I find it nearly impossible myself, but today I made a point to sift through all the bird calls and pull out a few of the Seattle area events and/or beers on tap that may interest you all.

Let me know if you find this helpful or simply redundant by leaving a comment below.  Have a great week and drink good beer!

Latona Pub (@latonapub) in Greenlake has the following on tap (as of 1/31/11):

Port Townsent Nitro Stout

Roslyn Dark Lager

Laurelwood IPA

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Allagash White

Bayern Pilsner

Full Sail LTD 4 Pale

Hale’s Wee Heavy

Firestone Walker Union Jack

New Belgium Vrienden

Silver City Whoop Ass

Super Deli Mart (@superdelimart) in West Seattle (9051 35th Ave SW) has Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red and Flyers Hop Duster IPA on tap as of 1/31/11.

It’s most likely a joke, but Iron Horse Brewing (@ironhorsebeer) of Ellensburg claims to be releasing a beer called Double Rainbow Ale inspired by the impossibly hilarious YouTube video that went viral last year.  Check it out here.

The Toronado (@toronado), an absolutely epic beer bar in San Francisco, is having a special event on 2/18/11 for the release of Pliny the Younger.  Yes, that is during San Fran’s annual Beer Week, but this, most likely means that we should see kegs in the Seattle market either slightly before that or around the same time.  Are you ready?

This Wednesday at the 74th St. Alehouse (via @twobeersbrewing) in Phinny – Two Beers Brewing will be providing a very special cask of Evo IPA.  Here are the details from their Facebook page:

Wednesday Night: 74th St. Alehouse Cask of Double Dry-Hopped (Simcoe, Amarillo, Sorachi Ace, Centenniel) Evo. IPA. We also threw in some D’Anjou Pears and Pink Lady Apples to help with the secondary fermentation. Uhhh, you won’t want to miss this one of a kind beer.

That sounds redonculous!

Elliot Bay Brewing (@elliotbay_beer)will be sending out two barrel-aged beers today, one “Sour” to the West Seattle location and a “Bourbon Stout” to Burien.  I would highly recommend checking these out if you are able.

The Porterhouse Pub (via @diamondknot) in West Seattle is hosting a Super Bowl party/fundraiser in conjunction with Beer Church that will feature brews from Diamond Knot, Port Townsend and Georgetown.  For more details please check out this site.  Go to this!

This Friday, 2/4/11, at 5pm, Cooper’s Alehouse (@coopersalehouse) in Maple Leaf will be hosting a 5 year vertical tasting of Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale.  You can order a tasting tray and try all 5 side by side.  If there are any beer aging naysayers out there, get you ass out to this event and see what age can do for yourself.  They also have Sierra’s Bigfoot Barleywine on tap (as of Sunday).

As of Sunday night, Naked City (@nakedcitybeer) had Fish Brewing’s 10 Squared Barleywine on tap.  If it’s still on, it won’t be for long.  They also have Sierra Nevada’s Hoptimum and Snipes Zombie Killer.

Apparently, Grandfather Raven, Black Raven’s Imperial Stout, is still on tap at the brewery’s taproom (as of Sunday, via @seattlebeerclub) .


52 Weeks: Columbia City Alehouse

The list at Columbia City Alehouse doesn't disappoint

Wow we need to catch up. With the trip to Belgium, we started slacking a bit on this end. But alas, the 52 Weeks articles return.

By my count we have missed the past three weeks. But, we certainly visited countless new places over that time. For weeks 9 and 10, we will have some Belgium venues to review in the coming week. Stay tuned.

For week 11, which was last week, I visited the Columbia City Alehouse in, believe it or not, Columbia City, Seattle, WA……..

11 of 52

Columbia City Alehouse

4914 Rainier Ave S.
Seattle, WA
(206) 723-5123

Part of the Seattle Alehouses trio that includes 74th St. Alehouse in Phinney Ridge and Hilltop Alehouse in Queen Anne

Rank: #9 of 11 (only because i know the two Belgium spots are better)

Type of Establishment:  English Alehouse/Pub

BEERS ON TAP (at time of visit) —>Columbia City Alehouse has about 20 taps to choose from:

Diamond Knot IPA

Odin Brewery Freya Kolsch

Pike Tandem Dubbel

Snoqualmie Steam Train Porter

Maritime Pacific Old Seattle Lager

Georgetown Manny’s Pale Ale

Ninkasi Oatis (Oatmeal Stout)

Boundary Bay IPA

Various other lagers, pilsners, and ambers…..

A 20 oz pour of Diamond Knot's IPA, does you a good Sunday.

BOTTLE OPTIONS: Columbia City has a few bottles, including some of the usual business.

But, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had bottles of New Belgium Ranger IPA and Port Brewing Panzer Imperial Pilsner. Both are very good ales.

FOOD OPTIONS:  A large number of pub items. Actually, the menu is incredibly appetizing for those of us with bar food brains.

You can check the menu online by visiting this link. However, I must say that I saw someone’s Cod Tacos and the Gumbo and almost wet myself. They both look great.

Having our New Orleans connection, we always get excited to see Gumbo on the menu. Aside from nice places (Kingfish Cafe & Steelhead Diner – two of the best places in Seattle) and a few bars (Frontier Room), you just do not see it on the menu.

STAFF & BAR OPINION:  Extremely casual and low concern. Bartender was essentially just “hanging out” and reading a newspaper. Not much, if any, of a beer atmosphere to the crew here.

However, the bartender was incredibly attentive and kind. Being a Sunday afternoon – you never need to expect to much liveliness and activity out of any bar folk. This is a day for decompression and hair of the dog.

I was thrust into Columbia City because the wife had a day of volunteering at the NW African-American Museum, where she assists with administration. So, we grabbed a bus and meandered through the neighborhoods of Seattle’s south region.

People don’t come down here much. This is not the travel and visit hub of Seattle. Its an incredibly ethnic neighborhood that some classify as dangerous. Dangerous how? Looks great to me. In fact, Columbia City is essentially the best place to see culture in the City of Seattle. This is the one place where I can grab a bowl of gumbo at about 5 different places – at 5 different prices. I can also grab some of the best BBQ (Jones BBQ), best Ethiopian (Tagla Cafe), and some damn good Caribbean cuisine (Island Soul).

The fact is Columbia City has grown into a hot piping bowl of eclecticism. Many of the city’s youth have moved in for affordable housing and cheap entertainment. Plus – maybe they just wanted to get away from the “Seattle freeze” because it really does not exist down there.

In any event, I was left to stumble around the town looking for a beer to cure my Sunday blues. I was left with nary a choice – Columbia City Alehouse.

Really, the owners did a good job of sniffing this place out. There isn’t another decent beer within spitting distance (unless you count Verve Wine Bar where I once enjoyed a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA). This is my beer stop. done.

Upon entry, nothing fancy. Its simply a pub with light decor and moderate lighting. The tap lineup is immediately in your face and a sense of delight crossing my slowly operating brain as I see Ninkasi Oatis, Diamond Head IPA and Boundary Bay IPA. Today, I will settle for a Diamond Head – been awhile since I have tasted that fruity pulp they call an IPA. (thats a good review by the way)

I saddle up at the bar, right in front of a TV playing the Michigan State v. Tennessee game (go Big Ten). I order my sugary goodness and it arrives in a wide-mouthed English-styled 20 0z glass – HALLELUJAH! This is the way of Seattle Alehouses. All three pubs serve their pints in imperial pint glasses – 20 oz for $5.00. I’ll take it. This way my malty wonder can warm up and I can taste it open up all the way to the last drop.

As I sit there, I notice the climate. A couple of locals popping in to catch the game and quick bite. Nothing spectacular, but again notice the Sunday 2-3 PM time period.

The food smells amazing. But, I am hung over and thus most things smell amazing today (except vomit, feces, or urine). I bypass the food today, because I have big plans with the wife for later on.

In any event, I hunker down, sip my beer and take in the newest Stranger to check the music scene. Its been so long since I could commit an hour to sitting at a bar and reading through an entertainment piece. In recent months, my busy meter is off the deep end. Trying to start a business is taking a toll, but I relish in my saturated in hops peace and quiet. I take it all in.

As I wrap up, Michigan State wins and half the bar top is pissed – the other half ecstatic. This is purely due to the bracket system, not actual fandom. I appreciate that, though I like to see a fan every once in a while.

In all, the bar does what its supposed to do: serve beer, where we cannot find beer. On top of that it does it with good food and a peaceful demeanor. Nothing to complain about.

That being said, the bar just does not stand out. Though the offerings are good, they aren’t noteworthy. The menu is not epic, the bottle list pedestrian and the decor non-existent. These items do not kill a bar, they just hurt its chances for high marks.

The conclusion: If you are in Columbia City, go here for a beer. There really is nothing else in its category and it will treat you well on a cold, rainy day.