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Brouwers Cafe’s Back in Black: Day 1 in Brief

Avery Black Tot in the Bourbon Barrel? Excellent. This is the label from the Rum Barrel version.

Can you each spare an hour of your day on this beautiful Seattle Saturday? I think you can. Get on down to Brouwers Cafe today and get a grasp on the remnant offerings from Back in Black, Brouwers’ celebration of stout.

As you might be aware, Timperial Stout did a pre-Back in Black write up and we did a quick “from the event” post yesterday. I wanted to take a moment and put together a very pithy response to the beers that we consumed yesterday at the event.

I was going to wait until after today (when we have a second chance at more stout action) to do a write up, but I woke up wondering what some of the other Seattle beer geeks thought of the ones we did not get to drink yesterday. I figured it makes sense to have as much response on the web as possible – so I am throwing in my two cents.

Here we go……in order of “must drink” down to “save your money”

(1) Avery Meph Addict

“Astonishment” is the only word I have for this 16% malt king with tons of your morning wake up added. I don’t know how much coffee was added, or what kind. But, I’m giving a slow clap to Adam Avery on this beer. Best in show so far.

(2) Avery Bourbon Barrel Black Tot

Close second. Really close. Let this warm up and you will be treated to an adventure into the woody forest of bourbon rivers. Its amazing how much of the bourbon flavor remains in this beer. Must try.

(3) Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

This is one we have had before, and its still freaking excellent. Sweet and flavorful, like we have come to expect from Sam Calagione. Get it if you have never tried it.

(4) Glacier Jack Daniels Barrel

I really like this a lot. Others in the group – not so much. The whiskey is there; subtle in comparison to distillery dwelling Black Tot. But, a good beer worthy of the $5.

(5) Port Brewing Older Viscosity

Again, had it before. This smelled a little less explosive as in the past. Traditionally, it has a very pungent grainy (pretzel-like) scent. Good, not the best.

(6) Firestone Walker Parabola 10

Dammit. Thats my response. I have always loved the thought of a new FW release. Each thing they make shocks and awes. When their barleywine, Abacus, came out, we screamed our love across the mountains. We had extremely high hopes for this stout offering. Unfortunately, it fell very short. Flavorless and utterly boring (I hate saying all of this), it paled in comparison to other stouts we had. We’d skip it.

We are going back today to get some more. Let us know if you have thoughts about any of the remaining beers.