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Pints For Parks Taking Off For The Noble Fir

The beer that sparked an epic bar ban, will now be poured at a new fave.

The folks over at The Noble Fir are quickly becoming the best place to grab a pint in Ballard. Unfortunately, everyone knows that now! The Noble Fir is now serving up a full house most nights.

When we did our preview back in May and our 52 Weeks review back in July, it was still pretty easy to grab a chair. But, we were shut out twice last weekend. Everyone wants in on the good brew.

A few months back, we talked about “Pints for Parks.” The event has the Fir donating $1 of every pint poured from 6:30 until close, on Wednesdays, to Seattle Parks. Over the past few months, they have managed to pour 2000 pints, donating $2000.00 to the parks.

The Fir west big again this week. Oscar Blue’s Gubna Imperial IPA is one of the most rugged on the market, and it was the featured beer yesterday. A love for that same beer, caused an epic rift between myself and another bar that shares Ballard Avenue with the Fir. Because that bar charged me $8.00 (its $3.00 next door at Olde Town Alehouse) for this 12oz can, it will forever not see another dollar from me. I won’t mention them because they don’t deserve the press.

But, you can hope that the Fir will continue pouring this delicious brew through the rest of the week. If you still have not had a chance to get by the Fir – now is your chance! Remember that next Wednesday means another great beer.

Keep up the great work for Seattle Parks!!!


The Noble Fir Pours Pints for Seattle Parks

October 18, 2010 2 comments

Head over to Ballard Avenue on Wednesdays and support our parks!

We have lauded the folks over at The Noble Fir for some time. The rookie to the Ballard beer scene (and potentially the leader?!) is pouring impressive beer, serving tasty treats and providing an environmentally-conscious refuge for drinkers up in North Seattle.

Since our preview back in May and our 52 Weeks review back in July, we have heard amazing feedback from fans of the bar. The Noble Fir has become a regular stop on our trip down Ballard Avenue.

The folks over at the Fir have let us know that they are now pouring for a cause on Wednesday. “Pints for Parks” means that the Fir will donate $1 of every pint poured from 6:30 until close, on Wednesdays, to Seattle Parks. Their first week for the event was last Wednesday, when they poured this beer that you might have heard of, called Pliny the Elder!?

The Fir will be doing their very best to put something special on each Wednesday night. This Wednesday will be another treat from California’s Russian River Brewing. The Fir will be pouring the brewery’s Temptation, an amazing blonde sour ale. If you still haven’t had a chance to try that beer – get to the Fir on Wednesday night!

Good to know that the Fir is pouring pints for Seattle Parks. Let us know if you stop in and have an opinion about the Noble Fir.