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Archives of a Beer Nerd – Third Installment

It all starts with a little beer, and pen to paper.

If this is your first time reading the Archives, take a look at the story behind it all here.  The last time we left off, we completed the epic day of drinking that was 10/4/07, and then moved on to a day about a month later.  The following entries were very brief, but the brews stand quite notable, so I’ve chosen to include them here.  Happy reading.

I hope that, if nothing else, my words whet your appetite to get out and acquire these special treats yourself and expand on our thoughts via comments or emails to


Victory Brewing Co. (Downingtown, PA) – V Twelve

The “Twelve” stands for the ABV.  “Liquid Luxury” indeed.  Copper, almost red rusty color.  The head dissipates fairly quickly, surprisingly, due to the corked, Belgian style bottle conditioning.  Smells kind of yeasty.  Dried fruits barely make it through.  Surprisingly drinkable for the strength.  A tad of an alcohol bite… a little warmth but by no means overpowering.  Amazing balance!  Very rich and sweet.  The alcohol becomes more and more relevant as it warms.

Timperial Commentary: This beer is huge!  As you may know, my Eastern PA roots and Victory’s penchant for making exciting beers made for quite an amiable match in the early days of my beer drinking coming-of-age.  This was, most likely, the highest ABV beer I’d ever had up until senior year of college when I forced down the extremely brandy-like Triple Bock from Sam Adams (17.5%).  I haven’t had this beer since the date above and if this doesn’t make you want some, well it has done the trick on me.


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (Milton, DE) – Red and White

Brewed with coriander and orange peel with pinot noir juice concentrate added with 11% aged in pinot noir barrels and 89% aged in oak barrel staves.  Brown and reddish color, glows around the edges when put to the light.  Nice, pleasant thin head.  Clean and crisp with a pleasurable carbonation.  10% ABV… and you can taste it, though not overpowering.  It is not very obvious that this beer was oaked, but the wine is present.  There is a sweet grape juiciness present for sure.  Very unique and very good!

Timperial Commentary: This is half of the Red and White / Black and Blue series.  The only real similarity between the two is the naming convention and the yeast strain… oh and the fact that they are both amazing… but you probably knew that when you read the name of the brewery.


Unibroue (Chambly, Quebec, Canada) – Don De Dieu

9% Belgian ale made with wheat.  Golden color with a thin head that remains.  Amazing nose of wheat and yeast.  Not overly carbonated.  Very sweet with some slight notes of nuttiness.  Alcohol is present as it warms.  I love this beer!  I have a new-found respect for wheat!

Timperial Commentary: I’m so glad that this came up in the archive because I was just talking about this beer with a friend.  I don’t remember exactly how it came up in conversation… it may have had something to do with the fact that wheat beers are on my mind this time of year.  It also could have stemmed out of conversations about breweries that have been bought out my big money corporations but have continued to make stellar beers in the same fashion that they did prior to the buy out.  This concept was mentioned in my most recent Notes of a Beer Nerd.  Amidst the conversation, I came to the conclusion that Don De Dieu is one of my favorite wheat based beers, at least from North American brewers.  I want this beer in my mouth right now!  It is such a brilliant take on Belgian beers, with a bit of a twist that yields fantastic results.  If you have never had this beer before, you must get it ASAP!