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Pick The Best of the NW In The Northwest Brewing News Reader’s Choice Poll

The Man, the myth. Chris Cavanaugh (Photo:

The Northwest Brewing News has rolled out its annual Reader’s Choice Poll – its time to vote. The Brewing News is a national brewing publication, severed into seven regional publications. Our good friend Geoff Kaiser writes for the Northwest edition, when he’s not manning the ship at Seattle Beer News.

Every year, the Brewing News holds a poll asking its readers to select the very best in the Northwest. Categories for best brewery, brewpub, bar, beer store, home brew shop and perhaps the most heated category – best bartender – are divided state by state. You may vote on the best Northwest beer for each style, as well.

When going through this poll, we noticed that we hit a few stumbling blocks. How do you pick between Hair of the Dog & Cascade Brewing? Is Uber Tavern a better place to grab a beer than The Dray? What the heck is down in Northern California? Don’t be ashamed to have to Rate Beer yourself a group of candidates, as long as you have actually experienced the pub, brewery or beer you intend to choose. But, if you are stuck – let us recommend a few:


Best Imperial IPA


Even with heavyweights like Russian River, Hopworks, Walking Man and Midnight Sun in the mix, and with Washington rising stars Boundary Bay and Port Townsend making their own cases – there can still be only one choice for us. Black Raven’s Wisdom Seeker licked the competition at Brouwers Hopfest. We have no reservations about this choice.


Best Strong Ale


The Northwest has always somewhat lacked in the big beer categories. But, there is no doubt that one strong ale has dominated the Northwest for many year – Hair of the Dog’s Fred. Alan Sprints has been making this beer for ages. If you have a vintage bottle laying around, you know what makes this complex ale so special. Vote with confidence.


Best Sour Beer


For years, I would probably have said that Russian River had this category killed with Consecration. But after recently tasting Cascade Brewing’s Noyeaux, I have reservations. Noyeaux was recently described in a post by our very own Timperial Stout. Check this one out before you mark down one of Russian River’s excellent choices.


Best NorCal Brewpub


We pushed Russian River out of the competition above, but here they take the cake. Backed by unprecedented selection and incredible beer food – there is no better place to grab a collection of beer and a delicious meal.


Best Washington Brewery


Some would say Boundary Bay has the history and fanfare to deserve this award. Some would say that Black Raven is the young gun that should take the title. We don’t disagree, but lets consider a 3rd choice – Snipes Mountain Brewing? You might think we are crazy but the Sunnyside, Washington brewer has been turning heads. Just about everything that brewer Chris Miller has put out of late, has shocked and awed. Food for thought.


Best Washington Bartender


Wow, we have some great bartenders up here in Seattle. We have a ton of love for Rachel up at Naked City, Natasha at The Dray and certainly Amy, down at Collins Pub. These three wonderful ladies have excellent beer IQs and care about their patrons. This gives them serious consideration.

But, to find someone who can advise, entertain, and take excellent care of you, all without being a giant asshole – priceless. Chris Cavanaugh is that guy. Chris can be found at three, count them, three amazing beer spots in Seattle. Once a fixture at Brouwers Cafe, Chris had to leave to tackle cancer. Once he returned to the bar, Chris grabbed spots at Elysian Brewing (Capitol Hill), The Stumbling Monk, and time behind the bar at Brouwers Cafe. There is one reason that he is at these three places – everyone loves him! Chris will give you great attention, wonderful advice, and excellent entertainment. Not once have we ever heard one person dislike him. Vote for this man.

So take a stab at the poll and let your voice be heard! You can access the poll by following this link. Got any other suggestions for choices, please post them in the comments below.



Brouwers Cafe’s Hopfest: Results are Published

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

This is what Hopfest looks like - gorgeous.

Well, we had an amazing time at Brouwers Cafe’s 5th Annual Hopfest on Friday (and again on Saturday). The event was packed full of 60 hoppy masterpieces – we tried just about 45 of them.

We did our best to keep you apprised of what was on tap, what we drank and how we liked it – all via our Twitter account. You can check out Twitter search #hopfest2010 for info from several people. The battle ensued for a full 10 rounds, with friends picking up the slack as the day wore on. We plan on putting together a full review of the event tomorrow, as a way of providing feedback on some of the hits and misses that are floating around in IPA land at your local bar.

Today, Brouwers put up the official results. Not surprisingly, Black Raven‘s Wisdom Seeker took top honors and Russian River‘s Blind Pig (which has a ridiculously strange following amongst beer writers in Seattle) took second. Boundary Bay and Avery Brewing tied for third for their Imperial IPA submissions.

Well, we cannot argue with those picks – the people have spoken. But, our Top 5 is a bit different. Local studs Skagit River and Port Townsend put out two of the most sexy beers served at the festival. Skagit’s Bourbon Barrel Reverend defied notions of classic IPA taste – much to our delight. Port Townsend’s fruit monster Imperial IPA was an absolute can’t miss. If you have a chance to grab either of these (they might still be on at Brouwers), do it immediately.

More tomorrow. Leave your comments below. We love hearing from the masses.