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Beer Blotter News: New Logos, New Syndication & Props to Shane Long

April 16, 2010 6 comments
The new beacon of Be on the lookout for us.

We have some things in the works and thought we’d drop a line to let you all know the haps.

Well we finally have a logo. After months of brainstorming/delaying we finally have a motif for the site.  The logo at the top of this post is our new icon and should be appearing via stickers and coasters in your local watering hole in the future.

The logo encapsulates what we love – beer, writing about it, and sharing with the community.

We also will be implementing a new banner as part of the re-launch which will hopefully go down Sunday. Hope hope.

Our new logos and design templates were the brainchild of local legend Shane Long, design freak and genius. Shane has been such an amazing help to all of us over at Beer Blotter and so we wanted to throw him some public props.

Check out all of Shane’s brilliant work at his sites, UglyBogus and BuddyBogus.

Lastly, we wanted to report that the Seattle Post Intelligencer has decided to add our blog to its syndication lists.

Our readership will now be expanding to the wide variety of beer lovers who peruse the Seattle PI’s website. Plus, the syndication should lead to better search engine access to our content.

Good stuff ahead. Also, be on the lookout for the launch party. I know that we have said this maybe 3 times now – but its really happening. It will likely happen in May.

The new banner for the Beer Blotter. Its pretty, eh?