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Seattle Beer News: This Summer, Deschutes Dissident Returns!

Look out! Deschutes Dissident comes this September

The quintessential Seattle beer blog is Geoff Kaiser’s Why? Because he always knows what is up and coming, and has excellent commentary to add.

Geoff jumped on this morning’s Deschutes Brewery press release like flies on crap. The release provides that Deschutes Brewing (one of my top 10 US brewers) will be releasing its latest batch of Deschutes Dissident, its first release of the beer in over two years.

Dissident is Deschutes lone sour ale, a flemish red fermented over 18 months. Last time it was released (its only release to date) it won the Gold Medal at the 2008 Great American Beer Festival in the sour beer category. Its absolutely delicious, and the first US sour beer that I ever loved.

Additionally, the press release states that Deschutes will be releasing its next installment of Black Butte XX series (which will be XXII) and a new Bond Street Series beer called Hop in the Dark, no doubt as the name infers: a black IPA.

Stay tuned for the release of these beers. Here are the dates:

Hop in the Dark – May-September 2010

Dissident – September 2010

Black Butte XXII – June 27 2010