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Washington Beer Commission Open House This Saturday!!

February 25, 2011 1 comment

Washington Beer Commission's logo- a staple in the beer community.

This Saturday, February 26, 2011 (TOMORROW)  for approximately 4 hours, you should go on a tour of the local craft brewing industry.

The Washington Beer Commission organized an Open House of sorts where local breweries open their doors to beer lovers providing them with the good stuff to make this an epic Saturday afternoon. From 12PM-4PM you can plan your route or pick an area of Washington to tour:




C.I. Shenanigans Brewery, Spokane
Iron Horse Brewery, Ellensburg
Palouse Falls Brewing, Pullman
Yakima Craft Brewing, Yakima




American Brewing, Edmonds
Anacortes Brewing, Anacortes
Black Raven Brewing, Redmond
Boundary Bay Brewing, Bellingham
Chuckanut Brewing, Bellingham
Diamond Knot Brewing, Mukilteo
Foggy Noggin Brewing, Bothell
Gallagher’s Where U Brew, Edmonds
Lazy Boy Brewing, Everett
Redhook Brewery, Woodinville
Scuttlebutt Brewing, Everett
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing, Snoqualmie




Big Time Brewery, U District
Fremont Brewing, Fremont
Maritime Pacific Brewing, Ballard
Naked City Brewing, Greenwood




Pike Brewing




Big Al Brewing, White Center
Elliott Bay Brewing, W. Seattle
Epic Ales, SODO
Georgetown Brewing, Georgetown
Schooner Exact Brewing, SODO
Three Skulls Brewing, South Park
Two Beers Brewing, SODO




M.T. Head Brewing, Graham
Trade Route Brewing, Pacific
The Ram Brewery, Puyallup
The Ram Brewery, Tacoma




7 Seas Brewing, Gig Harbor
Der Blokken Brewing, Bremerton

This event will showcase a number of special beers, beer pairings and surprises at many locations. You will just have to go and find out what is in store. Don’t forget this Saturday is the Grand Opening of American Brewing Co.

This event is free but beer prices at each location will apply. Drive safely or don’t drive at all and ENJOY!


Epic Ales First Anniversary Celebration, Seattle, WA

January 14, 2011 1 comment

Epic Ales is located in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle. A tiny space, Cody, owner and head brewer has released some amazingly interesting beers this past year. Cody uses a variety of unique ingredients such as green tea, mushrooms, orange peel and camomile.

On an average day, stopping by the tasting room will guarantee some cheese pairings and a chat with Cody about his brews. Its such a personalized beer experience- the best kind! But tonight, Cody is celebrate a year of beer making, beer selling and just being “epic”.

Starting at 5PM and going to 10PM, head to the upstairs of the brewery. There’ll be zero minute IPA (new release) on tap and various snacks.

Epic Ales

Located in the K.R. Trigger Building

3201 1st Ave. S.

Seattle, WA 98134

Head up to the second floor for a celebratory beer! Congrats Cody on all your success- wishes you all the best!

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2010 Washington Beer Fest: Brouwer’s Cafe

It was all here. Washington beer.

Yet again, Brouwer’s Cafe rises to the occasion and presented local beer drinkers with the best of local beer. An entire 5 day stint dedicated to Washington state brewers. From Naked City to Silver City, Peaks to Paradise, Snipes Mountain and Iron Horse, it was a tap list to remember.

This post will be more informal then our other event reviews: less time = less beer. One subject that absolutely must be breached is the recent trend in WA to infuse tea with beer.  Our first experience was at Naked City, who, in the summer months, released an incredibly refreshing Ginger Peach Hefe where all of the the ginger and peach flavors came from infused herbal tea bags.  This night, we must give honorable mention to Port Townsend Brewing Co. for their Green Tea Golden Ale. We are generally not inclined to jump on the golden ale train, but PT gave it a twist and the tea like essence really came through. Several people at our table voted this their favorite of the night. It is flavorful, clean and aromatic.  The earthy green tea flavors really pop in the nose and playfully mingle with the light ale malts in the finish.

Yet another example came to us via Epic Ales Mathilda.  Though we have very little information about the ingredients used, Timperial’s love for both tea and beer seemed most inspired by this concoction.  It took some warming up, but this one seemed to grow on us like Ca…stan…za (Seinfeld reference, deal with it).  Initially, there was questions about…chamomile…no…mint…possibly both?  It was light in color and the epitome of curious in flavor.  Respect for ingenuity.

Der Blokken, a brewery out on Bremerton Island which recently opened showcased their Brown Porter. I thought I was ordering an IPA and despite the mix up, was pleasantly surprised. Dark and chocolaty, it had some bittering qualities and a perfect body. Not too thin, not to syrupy, just right!

Next, and is this really a surprise, but Black Raven’s All Washington Fresh Hops was amazing! It tasted like peaches with a perfect pairing of a bittering hop profile.

The Iron Horse Fresh Hop was a no brainer for Timperial, who sampled said beverage at the Yakima Fresh Hop fest 2 years ago and was floored.  This years version may or may not be the same in recipe, but surely produced a similar reaction as the ’08 did in him.  A near perfect example of a well balanced wet hopped IPA.  It’s a cloudy dark amber with amazing lacing.  The flavor profile is overwhelmingly syrupy sweet with a slight raw hop skunkiness in the nose and flavor.  A sizable pine profile accompanies the cannabus in both fronts as well.  Ultimately, very smooth in the mouth and a near perfect finish with little dryness and a lingering malt quality that rears many smiles.

Snipes 2 Fresh was another selection that took little to no effort to choose.  If you live in WA and drink fresh hop beers, you have most likely tasted something that Snipes head brewer Chris Miller has had a hand in.  He is the local fresh hop guru in these parts and has most recently assisted in the production of Black Raven’s and Naked City’s fresh hop IPAs.  This version, like Iron Horse’s had a green hop skunkiness and a respectable pine nose.  There was enough residual sweetness to make me happy, but not nearly on the plane of IHB.  Here, bitterness takes the reigns above and beyond anything else.  This is a great example of balance in a fresh hop and would be a supreme example for the newcommer.

At the recommendation of Brouwer’s manager Ian, a Yakima IPA 1 was ordered. Apparently, this is a different brew than the bottled version bearing the same name.  It was clear bronze in color with a stark white head.  I felt that this would have been a much more appropriate beer to begin with than to follow all of the above.  It seemed a bit thin, but the malt core had some legs.  This was a bitter bomb of an IPA with very little floral hop flavor.  The  malt profile made a gallant attempt at bringing balance, but inevitably it failed to compete against the bitter power that assaulted the back of the tongue well into the aftertaste.

Let us know which ones were your favorites!

Epic Ales: 6 of 52

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

The KR Trigger building on 1st S & Hanford in Sodo - Home to Epic Ales.

6 of 52

Epic Ales Brewing Co.

KR Trigger Building

3201 First Ave South, Suite 104

Seattle, WA 98134

Rank: #2 of 4

Type of Establishment: Nano-Brewery, Tasting Room

BEERS ON TAP (at time of visit) —>

Solar Trans-amplifier


Simple Ale


STAFF OPINION: The brewer, Cody Morris, was the only one there, serving beer and chatting with patrons. He was excited and passionate about brewing and was more than willing to explain the styles of beer and tell the “crowd” about his brewing tales.

Located in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle, Epic Ales has that industrial, grass roots “feel.”  With several local breweries moving into this neighborhood, we think Epic Ales is on the right track. The tasting room officially opened its doors on January 22, 2010 and is open on Fridays from 3:30PM until 8PM and when we went, we could tell, word has gotten out about this brewery. There were two beers on tap, as the Solar Trans-Amplifier has just kicked. Described as a sour Belgium Witt, we were slightly saddened by our poor timing.   OTTO- Optimizer, a Turkish Coffee Porter was on the sweet side with berry qualities mixed with the coffee flavors.  The body was light compared to other Porters and the flavor was lingering.   The other beer on tap, the Simple Ale, was anything but.  It had a bit of aromatic funk but was bitter from the hop component and very malty. Delicious!

The space consists of a small tasting room, with the taps, a bar top, some boxes of bottles and brewing accessories along with a separate room of approximate same size which is where the magic happens.  This is a brewery with an ample amount of potential to be great. The brewer, Cody is innovative from the ingredients used to the labeling on the bottles (yet to be sold) and is generous. There will be six beers released during the summer and fall and each beer will be a flavored imperial kvass baring a child’s name. For every bottle sold a quarter goes to a saving bond for the college.  He also will make a kvass for his “kid,” Fuji, a 9 month terrier mix. In honor of his pup, a portion of the earning will be donated to an animal advocate group.

On March 5th the simple ale in 22’s will be available for you to take home and enjoy. When we asked Cody what breweries inspired him, he replied, “There are so many exciting beers being made.  I think American craft brewers are really pushing the limits. It’s a great time for beer lovers.”  We couldn’t agree more.