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Seattle Beer Week Shows First Signs of Life

SBW 2011!


Signs of life has emerged from the Seattle Beer Week website. You may all commence celebration because, its officially on its way!

Seattle Beer Week is in its 3rd year, and will span from May 19 – 28, 2011. SBW 2011 will return some of the old favorites. This year’s kickoff will be held at Maritime Pacific, where they will unveil the special strong ale that the brewery whipped up for SBW’s 3rd Annual brew. The closing event is still up in the air, but we suppose that it will be announced shortly.

While the past two years have yielded SBW double IPAs from Hales Ales and Pike Brewing, this year promises a Strong Ale brewed with rare Falconer hops. According to the site, “Falconer’s Flight™ Hops are an exclusive proprietary hop blend created to honor and support the legacy of Northwest brewing legend, Glen Hay Falcone.” Cannot wait for that grog.

Wondering whether Sour Beer Fest is back? Seriously?! Did you honestly think it could die? Sour Beer Fest at Brouwers Cafe will return on May 26, 2011. Again, its a Thursday. Also, expect to see old favorites 5 Guys, Burgers & Fries (Brouwers – renamed to Burgers & Beers no doubt because of that burger chain), Back in Black Stout Fest (Brouwers), and Firkin Firkin (Elysian Capitol Hill).

Check out the Seattle Beer Week website for the initial listing of events. Be sure to check it frequently, as the 20 events up now will quickly swell to 300.

See you on the beer trail. Keep up with Seattle Beer Week, and its information guru and co-founder, Ian Roberts, via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Brouwers Cafe Events Showcase Honk!Fest and Course on Blending Sours

Brouwers Cafe is regarded as Seattle's best beer bar and their vast array of extraordinary events shows why

Well our friends over at Brouwers Cafe in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood never cease to amaze us. They can fill a calendar like no other.

Thanks in large part to manager and Seattle Beer Week founder Ian Roberts, Brouwers Cafe has an amazing array of innovative and intriguing beer-related events.

Of course, none are more exciting than the Seattle Beer Week lineup. This event needs little introduction and has been the topic of Seattle beer conversation for some time. If you want all the information on this amazing affair, showcasing 10 days of unbelievable beer extravaganza – check out the new and improved Seattle Beer Week website.

For now, we wanted to mention to upcoming events for this month.

Honk! Fest is coming……

One event that we are very excited about is Honk! Fest. This event is a get together of 20 street bands from around the US and Canada who gather in front of Brouwers Cafe to play an excellent array of street tunes.

You can certainly expect to see brass bands, jazz bands and all sorts of other sounds during the street festival. But at the conclusion, several of the bands are slated to appear inside Brouwers Cafe for a stage show, while you enjoy a pint off their incredible tap list.

Honk! Fest is set to kick off at 5 PM on April 9th, 2010 in Fremont on N Phinney Ave. and 35th Street. The following nights, Honk Fest takes over the Central District (April 10 10 AM) and Georgetown (April 10, 10 PM), before ending at West Seattle on April 11 from 12 PM-6 PM. Don’t miss out.

Sour Beer Blending Class? Yep, its real……..

Someone at Brouwers Cafe masterminded a sour beer blending class set for April 27, 2010 at the bar.

Why someone has not done this before is beyond me! Also, this is perfect timing with Sour Beer Fest (in our opinion the best beer event of the year) set for May 20th during Seattle Beer Week.

Anyone who enjoys a nice schooner of lambic, gueuze, kreik, oud bruin or some of the more American sour stylings put out by Russian River, Avery, or Jolly Pumpkin will not want to miss this event.

Stay tuned in to Brouwers Cafe’s website for more details. At the time of our posting, their are no details for this event.

Seattle Beer Week Launches New Website

March 25, 2010 1 comment

SBW is back! Look out for updates on the best event in Seattle

Our friend Ian Roberts is back at it with another offering of Seattle Beer Week!

Fresh off a trip to Belgium, Ian is back in town and recently launched a nice website laying out the schedule for Seattle’s best beer extravaganza.

With a massive bevy of sponsors, the Week looks to offer even more juicy beer magic than last year. You can check out the amazing lineup by navigating through the Events portion of their website.

This year Hales Brewery has been selected to put together the brew for the Week, a double IPA. We cannot wait!