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This Weekend: Beer Church’s 12th Annual Turkey Bowl

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Grab some BC Pale this weekend at Turkey Bowl! (Photo:

So, we are officially the worst procrastinator of the bunch (of beer bloggers). Thanks to Geoff Kaiser of Seattle Beer News for reminding me, via his post, to let you all know about Beer Church’s Turkey Bowl!

Beer Church is a Seattle non-profit organization who, along with our amazing Seattle beer community, raises funding for a variety of charities. They do it all through the magic of beer!

Through the annual Turkey Bowl, Beer Church raises a significant funding and food resources for the West Seattle Food Bank. The bowling lanes at West Seattle Bowl are already full, but you can still join them this Saturday to donate food, drink some beer and get to try their newest creation, a collaborative pale ale made with Big Al Brewing, called Beer Church Pale Ale.

Beer Church is a wonderful organization put together by some even better people – Kendall and Kim Jones. Kendall & Kim also run Washington Beer Blog, one of our favorites. Make sure to check them out, if you haven’t yet.

Here is some information on the event:


Join the members of Beer Church Seattle for the annual Turkey Bowl – Saturday, Nov. 20th at 5:30 p.m.

for West Seattle Food Bank

Join the members of Beer Church at West Seattle Bowl on Saturday, November 20th (5:30 p.m.) for the 12th Annual Turkey Bowl as they collect food donations and raise money to support the West Seattle Food Bank. Held the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the annual Turkey Bowl features more than 200 bowlers and dozens of spectators. The event is open to the public but also includes teams representing local restaurants, bars and breweries.

The West Seattle Food Bank works to eliminate hunger in West Seattle so that no one in our community will go to bed hungry. Opened in 1981, the West Seattle Food Bank serves over 500 families each week. The food bank recently experienced the busiest month in its 29 year history. Please help us support this worthy cause as they face unprecedented challenges.

Food donations and other contributions can be dropped off at West Seattle Bowl on the day of the event. For more information visit or call (206) 218-7387.

Saturday, Nov. 20th 2010
5:30 p.m.
West Seattle Bowl – 4505 39th Ave. SW – Seattle, WA 98116



September 10, 2010: A Day That Will Live in Infamy

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

its a wondrous day in Seattle history.

Thats right. You heard it here first. Today will live infamous amongst the various musings of beer writers in the Northwest. For today is……Hopfest.

Brouwers Cafe and Bottleworks both throw down today in the hoppiest way possible: by showcasing almost 70 hoppy masterpieces at their two locations. The festivities start at each location at 11:00 AM and will run until they throw you out. Both places promise to have hoppy ales on tap all through the weekend – until the keg runs dry.

Hopefully, you were able to get a glimpse of Timperial Stout’s epic Hopfest Preview, which ran earlier this week here on Beer Blotter. If you did not – catch up right now.

Word to the wise: Bottleworks is out there lurking in the bushes. They have 9 taps now and will fill growlers. As a testament to their greatness and as a pseudo-means of crowd control, expect them to put up some pretty incredible IPAs today. Perhaps some you have never seen in Washington before.

We’ll be on site at 11 AM this morning, along with our good friend Amateur Hour. We expect to see fellow writers Seattle Beer News, Beer Retard, Urban Beer Hikes, and Dor and Bob fairly early on.

We’ll pour out a lil hop juice (not too much) for our out of town homies, Kendall & Kim Jones, who are embarking on an epic trip to Great American Beer Fest. Follow their twitter stream to find out the amazing places that they are visiting.

See you there. Come by and tell us what you think of the beer – we really want to know what you like!

West Seattle Welcomes The Beer Junction – Blogger Picks Showcased

The location for The Beer Junction (Photo: West Seattle Blog)

Seattle’s newest bottle shop has opened up in West Seattle – bringing great craft beer across the bridge! We are very happy to announce that The Beer Junction has finally opened up in West Seattle. The new shop officially opened its doors on Saturday, July 3, 2010.

We have yet to pay a visit to the Junction, but we saw an article from Washington Beer Blog‘s Kendall Jones about the opening. Kendall’s article highlights the fact that two of our area’s best beer bloggers each will have a shelf to showcase their beer picks. A shelf will feature the picks of Seattle Beer News‘ Geoff Kaiser and Washington Beer Blog’s Kendall Jones.

Of course, we are very delighted to see area beer writers get some input. We would highly recommend that you take a look at their shelf when you visit – these guys know their beer!

Read more about Kendall’s picks by visiting his article. Seattle Beer News has yet to publish a listing of its picks – but check the website for more in the coming days.

The Beer Junction is located at:
4707 42nd Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98116

Check them out.

Washington Beer Tax Just a Plain Bad Idea

The popular Axe the Beer Tax campaign might soon be needed in WA state.

Kendall Jones is a mere man. But he is doing all he can to ensure that you all know his plight – kill the proposed beer tax that could hike your six pack tag about .50 cents. (update – 4/8/10 – the tax should be about .26 cents per 6-pack)

Kendall is the editor and author of Washington Beer Blog, a wonderful blog about the state of beer in the grand ole state of Washington. While our site keeps the binoculars over the world of beer, it does so from the city of Seattle. So, inevitably this is where our heart resides.

Over the past week, Kendall has written a trio of articles about a proposed “beer tax” that would establish a .50 cents per gallon tax on all beer sold in the state of Washington. The hike is part of a tax plan that would raise roughly $60 million directly from the beer tax, according to the Associated Press.

The beer tax is reported to target only those producers who brew and sell 60,000 barrels of beer per year. This is typically referred to as the microbrewery cut off line. The same line was utilized in a federal beer tax plan that is still being circulated around Washington D.C., which we discussed in an earlier article.

But the tax is a step in the wrong direction – targeting regulation in a time when the growing industry needs coddling and assistance. Breweries in our fair state are finally beginning to grow, beginning to see a financial return and beginning to invest that in the community by creating jobs, buying more locally farmed ingredients and forging more relationships with local distributors, bars and restaurants. The culture is growing – its not time to suppress it. (though we would say that there is no time to suppress it)

Kendall has done such a wonderful job reporting about his disdain for this bill, we thought we would throw our hat into the ring and help publicize his plea. His plea is clear: tax legislation is a “slippery slope” and once it begins its ever so easy to keep pushing.

Washington Beer Blog has proposed that you write your legislator to voice your opinion on the bill. Kendall was even so nice to share his e-mail to his own lawmakers with a note begging plagiarism. We agree. Write your lawmakers – they listen.

Don’t believe that they listen? I wrote my long-winded, mushy plea to my district’s Reuven Carlyle (House), Mary Dickerson (House) and Jeanne Kohl-Welles (Senate) at 8:14 PM. At 8:20, I received an enthusiastic response from Reuven Carlyle, who stated his support for the small brewers of Washington. They are there to listen – and they are doing so.

Please contact your legislator by visiting the state legislator’s website and inputting your address. The site will provide you with your legislator’s e-mail addresses and you can even request a response.

Please take 5 minutes and reach out. 5 minutes might save your plenty of dough on your sixers. Thanks Kendall for your zealous publicity of this bill.