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515 Beer Bloggers. 1 Beer Blogger Conference.

September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Beer Bloggers Conference this November in CO!

This sounds professional.

The sheer fact that there is now a conference geared specifically toward beer bloggers means that every day folks who write about beer is on the rise. Still, the beer blogging community is leaps and bounds behind the wine and food bloggers. But you know what, I am okay with that.

In light of the Beer Blogger Conference which takes place in Boulder, CO from November 5-7, the organizers of the conference posted an interesting article titled: The State of Beer Blogging. In this article you find out the demographics of beer bloggers, such as: 52 females are accounted for out of 515 blogs (of course these numbers are not 100% accurate). Just though I’d point that little fact out.

Other than that, information about the number of bloggers per state, bloggers who use their name on their blogs and helpful hints as to how to reach a broader audience and tap into the beer world (no pun intended) are all right here for your enjoyment and entertainment. And yes, we made it- Beer Blotter is listed as one of the 515 beer blogs. Thanks for the inclusion!

Lets move past the professionalism and fact checking and onto an interactive, technologically advance beer event. Tonight at exactly 7:30 PM (Mountain Time) is the first-ever Virtual Colorado Beer Tasting. Now, how in the hell is this going to work?

Virtual Colorado Beer Tasting on September 9th

Here’s how the Virtual Colorado Beer Tasting works:


1. Go to the store and purchase a couple of different varieties of Colorado beer. Here are some breweries to look out for during your search:


Breckenridge, AC Golden, Great Divide, Colorado Native, Upslope, Odell, Left Hand Brewing and New Belgium


2. The next step is easy and gratifying- crack that beer open at 7:30PM MST.


3. Do what you do best as a blogger- tweet, facebook and/or blog about your thoughts on the beers.


Beer bloggers around the country- unite at 7:30PM MST tonight!

As we all know, over the past decade, the market for microbrews has grown significantly. The Association of Brewers reports that as of July 31, 2009 there were a total 1482 craft breweries (962 Brewpubs)(456 Microbreweries)(64 Regional Craft Breweries) in the USA.

Without these dedicated owners, investors, brewers, beer drinkers, hop growers and farmers, beer bloggers would not have a conference to go to. So thank you for your love of beer, we love it too!