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52 Weeks: NW Sausage and Deli, Centralia, WA

Beer and Sausages

Week 17 of 52

NW Sausage and Deli

5945 Prather Rd

Centralia, WA 98531

Rank: 4/5

Type of Establishment: Country Style Deli with Brew Pub and Butcher Shop tendencies.

BEERS ON TAP (at time of visit) —>

All of the following are from Dick’s Brewing

-Golden Ale

-Pale Ale


-Irish Ale

-Best Bitter

-Brown Ale

-Danger Ale


-Cream Stout

-Winter Ale

-Imperial IPA

BOTTLE OPTIONS: Almost all regularly bottled Dick’s beers.


Both cold and hot sandwiches of many varieties including hoagies, pastrami, corned beef, prime rib, BBQ pork, burgers, brats, etc.  Steaks and chicken for dinner.  Need protein?  Best vitamin shop in Centralia.


How have I never been here before?  Seriously.  All, and I mean all of my future trips south will include a stop at NWS&D.  If you are going to Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR or anywhere somewhat significantly south of Seattle along I5, you’d have to be either in one serious rush or legitimately brain-damaged not to stop here.

Sound a bit hyperbolic?  It isn’t.  We are talking about a detour of about 5 miles at most.  10 driving minutes, tops.  A very, very small price to pay for great beer and food.  And talk about getting your goods right from the source.  All sausages are smoked right on the premises.  All beers are made practically right down the street.  And it’s all mind blowingly yummy!

Believe it or not, it gets better.  I give the staff an A+.  Since this was a stop on the way to camping at Seaquest State Park, we thought we would have the whole group in tow (13 people).  This could have been overwhelming to any establishment, so we called in a warning of our arrival ahead of time.  Upon arrival,  we found a huge grouping of tables that was marked “reserved” for us.  In the end, we were only 6 strong.  The rest of the group was impatient and found lunch in Olympia (dummies).  Was this a problem?  Of course not.  The staff simply laughed it off and served us with a smile.

I guess it didn’t hurt that we had explained to the receiver of our call that we had a $100 gift certificate and planned to spend it all on lunch and meats to go.  A big thanks to friend of the Blotter, Stasia Cymes, for providing said gift certificate and her generosity in sharing it.  Lunch for all was covered, with change to stare for even more meat and cheese to go.  In fact, to trace it back just a bit further, a large thank you is due to Brian from Ninkasi who unselfishly passed his winnings of the Brewer’s 9 Ball Tournament at the Tap House Grille along to Stasia.  Brian felt bad taking the winnings of his own event and figured that Stasia was a worthy recipient, considering that her team was knocked out of the tournament before she even had a chance to play.  Thanks Brian and Ninkasi!  Awesome event too by the way.

Spouts flowing Dick's

Not only was the tap selection lengthy and impressive, but any bottle could be purchased and opened at the table at no additional charge.  This allowed for all of our extreme beer pleasures to be indulged simultaneously.  We ordered the Imperial IPA off the draught, the Tripel, the Grand Cru, and the Imperial Stout all at once.  Others at the table enjoyed the Bitter, Cream Stout, Danger, Winter…lets just say that we had some good liquids to accompany our lunch.  All brews were solid, some inspired “Oh my God!”.

Lunch was sandwich heavy, something that will never bother me.  My Trio Deluxe was stacked so high that it easily garnered “Scooby Doo Sandwich” status, yet another thing that will never bother me.  I don’t really remember what the others at the table had.  I was too transfixed on my own happiness in the moment.  Good beer, good food, good service, and most importantly, good company.

Though all appetites were surely fulfilled at meal’s end, no one was leaving without some meat to go.  After all, there would soon be a camp fire to cook on.  Pepperoni, andouille, jerky, BBQ pork, garlic franks, and various cheeses were all acquired.  Lest we forget, beer was procured as well.  We were fully and completely covered for camping.  We made tents out of the empty beer bottles and sleeping bags out of the sausage casings (no we didn’t).  It was an amazing!


The Countdown to Europe Continues: 8 Weeks

January 19, 2010 1 comment

Gemany's very own Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier

What would a trip to Europe be without a stop in Germany?  I’ll tell you what it would be…dumb.  Yes, Belgium is the main purpose of our visit, but we are going to have a car, and Germany is close, and awesome!  We plan on making the short drive over the western border to Dusseldorf and Cologne… with just a tiny stop in Leverkusen to see one of the best club soccer teams in the world play on their home turf.  That’s right, we will be on hand to personally witness Bundesliga 1 powerhouse Bayern Leverkusen take on rival Hamburg SV!  Wait, wait, wait…there’s more…B E E R (and lots of it, in ridiculously over sized tankards)!

Our continued efforts to further our cultural knowhow of the ancient lands that we will soon explore have brought us to: “German Night with Beer Blotter”.  We decided to make a night of snuggling up with some of the great food offerings, artistic gifts, and legendary beer styles of Germany.

The Food

What else but sausage and pretzels!  Now I can’t claim that Beer Blotter went ultra traditional on this front, but hey, you’ll never hear us claim to be culinary masters.  I can tell you, however, that our bellies were filled with scrumptious happiness and the beers paired well.  I was especially excited about our mustard find: Terrapin Ridge Brew Master’s Mustard.  It went really well with both the sausage and the pretzels.  Check out the info from the website.

Rich BOCK BEER and whole cracked mustard seeds make this spicy mustard explode in your mouth with texture and flavor. Try it on brats, cheese, and pretzels. Crack open a jar, you won’t need a bottle opener! 8.4 oz.

Ingredients: Water, Mustard Seed, Malt Vinegar, Beer, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Brown Sugar, Spices, Celery Seed

The Art

Durer's Knight, Death and the Devil

German artist Albrecht Durer (1471 – 1528) was the topic of this evening’s art lesson.  He was a painter, printmaker and theorist from Nuremberg, and is often regarded as one of the greatest artists of the Northern Renaissance.  His woodcuts, watercolors and engravings posses a level of detail that is truly breathtaking.  Check out one of his most famous works: Knight, Death, and the Devil (1513) as seen above.

The Beer

We started off with a nice clean pilsner.  Undoubtedly, a classic German lager style.  The sample, though American brewed, was an excellent, if not perfect example of the style.  McMinnville, OR’s Heater Allen Brewing specializes in German lagers, and they do it damn well.  Pils is a golden amber brew with intense clarity and a lot of clean grain flavors.  A faint bitterness comes through, demanding the imbiber to recognize just where this one is made (locally grown Northwest hops are surely the culprit).

Following the light Pils was a strange and intriguing beer straight from Dusseldorf (you think we might go there?) called Uerige Sticke.  This 6% altbier pours a very murky brown hued amber that resembles river water.  Doesn’t sound enticing?   I assure you, it’s worth a try.  A very rocky head built on enormous bubbles presented itself on the pour and lent an intense herbal and piney aroma.  The mouth feel is thin, but packs many-a-flavor.  It tastes a bit like a cider with notes of caramel apples and a dash of smoke.  Sweetness is present, but the finish is quite dry.   It seems to be a melding of classic German pale malt flavors with aged conditioning.  It is unique to say the least.

The final beer offering of the night was one of Beer Blotter’s favorite all time German beers: Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen.  Simply put, carbonated, fermented liquid smoke.  A luscious off-white head is produced when pouring the clean and clear brown brew into the glass.  Immediately, the air is filled with the scent of smoke, but the sausages are already off the burner.   The smoked malts are heavy enough to leave some residual sweetness, producing memories of BBQs and the grilled, sweet glazed meats that fill the summer air with the most appetizing of scents.  Surprisingly easy to drink, this rauchbier is the ultimate pairing for sausage.

Dear Germany,

We can’t wait to meet you in person!


Beer Blotter