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Beer Weeks: San Diego Preview This Month; Philly’s Shebang Begins Friday

Beer Week 09 - Over. Beer Week 2010 - just getting started.

Well, I just so happen to be headed down to Southern California in 9 days (oh yeah!) and in my initial research of the scene, I stumbled upon some nice news that might be helpful for our California readers:

Did you know that San Diego Beer Week is doing a preview event June 10-13? Pretty awesome, I know.

San Diego Beer Week is a 10 day event that goes down from November 6-15, 2010. The event is widely regarded as one of the greatest beer celebrations across America. Like Seattle Beer Week, San Francisco Beer Week, and Philadelphia Beer Week (which begins this Friday, June 4!) the event not only celebrates the region’s brewers, but brewers across the country and globe.

Well, this year beer fans in San Diego decided that they could not wait until November and incorporated a 6 month San Diego Beer Week’Nd in to the schedule. Breweries like Ballast Point Brewing and pubs like Hamilton’s Tavern have already announced events spanning the whole weekend.

The events page is actually frighteningly empty at the current time. But, we would expect to see others like Lost Abbey, Stone Brewing, San Diego Brewing, Green Flash Brewing and Alesmith Brewing announce similar events.

You can follow the events listings for San Diego Beer Week’Nd at their webpage, or on Facebook and Twitter.


We would be remiss to not mention that Philadelphia’s Beer Week begins this weekend.

The Philly Beer Week events page says that there are 1000 events at 195 venues. Thats intimidating. I hope that you East Coast beer lovers make it out to some of these events and report back.

One really cool feature for Philly Beer Week – they have an iPhone Application to follow the events. Download it here.

One recommended beer event? Zythos America on June 13, 2010. Wow, this is an abbreviated version of the epic Belgian Beer Fest that goes down every March. If you are in Philly, do not miss this chance to meet over a dozen of Belgium’s finest brewers.